Why RH Shield?

  • NOT the inexpensive soft Crystal Gel media (read below).
    Now using the best beads available on the market - guaranteed!
  • Packaged in a hard plastic perforated tube
  • Fully loaded with RH Shield™ beads
  • Provides superior water vapor exchange
  • Ventilation from all 360 degrees around the tube
  • An excellent 2-way humidification system
  • Maintains a solid humidity level of either 60%, 65%, or 70%
  • End caps can be removed for easy access to the beads for re-humidification
  • Simply add distilled water and drop this into your humidor and allow the system to do the rest to maintain your ideal RH level


Why use RH Shield™ beads?
These are silica beads preconditioned to maintain a humidity level of either 60%, 65%, or 70%. They are ideal for aging and maintaining your investment in an ideal relative humidity, whatever container they are stored in. These humidification beads are a moisture sensitive 2-way system that both absorb humidity and release it automatically as necessary to maintain a perfect environment. 

Our silica beads are the same type of product that is used to protect the significant investments and priceless collections housed by fine art museums and collectors. Do not make the mistake of buying lesser quality beads that are not specifically designed to maintain a proper humidity level. You spent a lot on your investment, so make sure you have the right protection! 

We buy in large volumes that allow us to offer them at significantly discounted prices. RH Shield™ beads will never "wear out" as long as they are properly maintained. Maintenance is as simple as adding distilled water when they dry out, or regenerating the beads if they become completely saturated. 

Are these the same as other Silica Beads on the market?
Absolutely not! These are specifically preconditioned for maintaining a humidity level of either 60%, 65%, or 70%. Normal silica beads are a natural desiccant where their main function is to absorb humidity in order to keep a product dry. Their use is intended for protecting products such as electronics, clothing, and food from humidity and mold. Therefore, they are only intended to absorb humidity, not release any of it. RH Shield™ beads are designed to both absorb humidity and release it in order to maintain an ideal humidity of either 60%, 65%, or 70%.


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How does this compare Crystal Gel Humidification?
The older style soft gel humidification systems served their time as a decent cost-effective alternative to the green floral foam humidifiers. But they worked in the same 1-way direction as foam. You wet them, they expand as they swell up with water, and then they release humidity slowly and in an uncontrolled process. They do not operate in a 2-way direction to absorb humidity as well as release the way RH Shield™ beads do. Another unfortunate side effect of the Gel is the potential to foster the growth of mold as the floral foam can do. You do not need to worry about mold with RH Shield™ beads. 

30 Day Warranty:
We are so certain you will be happy with the performance and ease of use of the RH Shield™ beads, we are offering a 30-day full warranty on them. If you are not satisfied with them for any reason, please contact us for return instructions. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. We strive and pride ourselves on 100% satisfaction of our customers.