Medicinal Herbs Humidification

Our clients tell us (and much has been written about) the advantages of aging medicinal herbs with humidification, including distinct changes in the elevated fragrance and the microbial aging activity of the herbs when properly stored with appropriate humidification in a suitable, stable environment.

Unlike our competitors that offer swelling “jelly” style beads, which generally wear out over a relatively shorter period of time, are more prone to mold, and only “push” moisture one way, we use hard silica beads manufactured to maintain specific humidity levels of 60%, 65% or 70% that, if charged and cared for properly, will last many more years.  Unlike many other beads on the market, our humidification beads are not only less prone to mold, but are a moisture sensitive 2-way system that both absorb humidity and release it automatically, as needed, to maintain your chosen relative humidity environment for your age-worthy medicinal herbs.

You will be able to select the relative humidity of 60%, 65% or 70% upon clicking the desired product before it goes into your cart.