Tea Pumidor

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What is the difference between "aged" and old teas? 

If you "care" for your teas, they will age beautifully, but if you neglect them, they just get old.  Aged and old are very different states of tea.  This section is devoted to how you can get the most out of your teas, now and in the future, through proper aging techniques.   This is 1/2 the fun of collecting.  And once you learn the value and simple process to properly set up an aging container, it will allow you to age your pu erh teas using our devices/beads rather successfully.  Being able to “age teas” will allow you to buy larger quantities of the teas you like and age them well - because properly aged, they will only improve in both flavor, depth and value!

What should I use to age my tea?

We recommend you research using double walled beverage coolers (very popular with cigar, tea and medical herb folks) with good lid seals or plastic tub containers that have built in lid gaskets. But we suggest you confirm that whatever container material is used, if plastic or coated, you should independently confirm that it has no smell or off-gassing that could affect the product inside.   We understand that you may desire to use cedar/wood/clay containers to age certain products, and, if it is your intention is to use any type of containers made or lined with any porous materials to age items, we recommend that any RHS device used in such containers will tend to support only it’s minimum rated weight and volume rating, and it will need to be checked and recharged with greater frequency. Please be aware that additional devices filled with same RH % beads may need to be used in any relatively porous container to maintain a somewhat more consistent RH % stasis.  You cannot have too many beads in your environment.  The more you have, the more stable the environment will be.